Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017

Spooky days -blog hop stamp impressions

Hallo Ihr Lieben! Hello! Bonjour! Goedemorgen!

Todas it is all about SPOOKY DAYS... hope you don't get scared by our Projects!
You might be coming here from the netherlands from yolanda's blog, ....

Well I have some Halloween goodies for you...

Some Corpses in a box...

How about a pair of new teeth?  Muaahaaahahahaaa

With the cats I made a little garland to decorate the candy bar.

A treat tube holder filled with chocolates 

For the single tube holder, cut a strip of 2,8 x 23 cm (if you want to make more, you can score the whole page at once) Score at 12-15-19-22; between the 19 and 22cm Score, you punch a hole with the 3/4'' circle Punch, fold and adhere. 
Cut a label in half and glue it on top of your holder...

Well I hope it was not to poisonous for you?
Go and take a look at what SIGRID in Germany prepared for you

Creatively yours, 


  1. Sehr schöne Goodies. Da kann Halloween kommen.
    GLG sigrid

  2. Wow, da hast Du Dich richtig ins Zeug gelegt. So viele tolle Projekte! Halloweenparty kann losgehen.
    GLG Babs

  3. booooo..da geht ja richtig der Rauch auf..gruselig...
    Lg Manuela

  4. Uhaaaa! Was sind denn das für fiese Kreaturen in der ersten Box? Sieht ja gruselig aus. Alle schaurigen goodies sind sehr schön verpackt! I like!

  5. Great and scary treats Fanny! Like them all..

  6. Thunder, Blixen, Rauch... richtig gruselich. Was hasst du denn in den Acetate Box gelegd...? Really creepy!

  7. So many projects! They're all very great! Greetings Miranda


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