Freitag, 19. Januar 2018

Blog Hop Stamp Impressions Sweet Hearts

Hallo -Hello - Bonjour!

 Today we are hopping with the Stamp Impressions Team, to go to the next blog, just follow the link list underneath this Post!
 Our theme today is sweet hearts...

I immediatly thought of these sweet little heart treats that I loved as a kid and that I discovered again two years ago...

 I decided to follow memories for this Post... two years ago I was on stampin'Up!'s Mediterranean cruise with my wonderful sweetheart.. it was our first holiday alone after we got the kids, so we really enjoyed it and did some great visits! our Day in ROme started with a wonderful coffee, we did a beautiful walk (18km in total) past a lot of wonderful touristic sights and had a coffee break at a wonderful little bistro, such as the picture of our Stamp set Kaffeekränzchen (p.25 in German).

 a few days later we had a stop in Marseille and our goal there was to go and eat a Bouillabaisse, a french fish soup... we only had one Problem, we could not find a place where thex served it.. we ended up taking place in a tiny restaurant, our table was set between two opened windows, you could enjoy the sun without feeling the ennoying wind, so a winner! When the waiter showed us the menu, we were stunned... my heart still jumps just thinking about this wonderful food they served us! it was delicious.. (i wrote about it HERE )

so that is why this little cafe scene is my work of sweet hearts... our hearts were very happy with the delicious food and the whole trip with my one and only sweetheart was wonderful...

I used my Stamparatus to position the stamps in the right place and made a little video to show you how it works!

I also used the Stamparatus to position the Words and I also added a Heart out of the Heart Happiness Stamp Set over it, using the Stamparatus again.. i would say I love this little Helper! I am in the privilige of using it because I was in the L2L development group and we got it early to test it!

As you can see, the paper can be as big as you want, there is plenty of space left and as in my case, even the Second flap of the trifolded card can stick out at one side to get a good positioning!!

if you did not pre-order the Stamparatus, you will be able to purchase it in the new Catalogue 2018-2019 (coming in june)

So I hope you feel the warmth in your heart and you can move on to the next link!

Creatively yours,


  1. Nice story, nice memory :-)
    Works out great in your card.
    LG Jose

  2. An die Herzchen musste ich auch denken als ich das erste mal unser Thema gelesen habe. Sehr schöne Karte und mit dem Stamparatus geht das bestimmt super. Ich muss leider noch bis Februar warten.
    GLG Babs

  3. Great card! Maybe I need this set afterall ;) xx

  4. A great card! Thanks for sharing. Greetings Miranda

  5. das ist super mit dem Stamparatus... Schöne Karte...
    Glg Manuela

  6. Schöne gemacht, und so passend zu der Gechichte!


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